1.0 Executive Summary

NAPHAM Ntchisi branch is also working to improve the welfare of its members. In this month of May, the following are the activities that have been done attending non state actors meeting, attending DACC and DEC meetings.

2.0 Introduction

NTCHISI is in the central Region of Malawi. It shares its borders with Nkhotakota, Dowa and Kasungu. It has a total of seven (7) TA’s and these are TA Nthondo, TA Kasakula, TA Chilooko, TA Malenga, TA Kalumo, TA Vuso Jere, and TA Chikho. Currently Ntchisi has a population of 224,872 based on 2008 Malawi Population and Housing Census projections. Prevalence of HIV is at 4percent in the district.

We have a district hospital, two dispensaries and nine (9) health centers namely Kangolwa, Mzandu, Kansonga, Khuwi, Nkhunzi, Nthondo, Chinthembwe, Malomo, and Mndinda and we also have ART outreach clinics.

NAPHAM opened its offices in the district in December 2010. The office is located right at the Boma, next to Chibisa rest house and opposite Ntchisi Admarc depot. The office has two staff members: – The District coordinator, Auleria Kadyampakeni and the finance and administrative assistant, Isaiah Konyani.

NAPHAM is a member of Non State Actors (NSA) in the district which is a grouping of nongovernmental organization in the district. It conducted its District Executive Committee (DEC) meeting on the 16th of February, 2011 where DEC members were oriented on what NAPHAM is and what it will be doing in the district.

NAPHAM has a district advisory committee (NADAC) which comprises of the District Health Officer (DHO), the District Agricultural Development Officer (DADO), the District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO), the Director of Planning and Development (DPD) and the district coordinator for World Relief. The committee is being chaired by the DPD.

The district has a total of fifty eight (60) PLHIV support groups out of which 53 registered with NAPHAM last year and thirty six support groups have registered this year. So far in terms of membership, NAPHAM has a total of 1224 members from these sixty support groups.