Executive Summary

The National Association for People Living with HIV/AIDS (NAPHAM) exists to promote and advocate for demand driven quality treatment care, support, economic empowerment and prevention services in order to enhance positive living, self-reliance, and reduce new HIV infections for all people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in Malawi. The following activities were carried out In the month of March: HIV Education Outreach sessions, HIV counselling, VSL, Group Therapies, monitoring and mentoring visits, capacity building. This report will also highlight successes and challenges that have been encountered.


Lilongwe NAPHAM has 120 support groups with funding from NAC, and CRS. It has a total membership of 3,835 of which are 1,490 males and 2,345 are females. To date, it is still located at Kawale in the District.

Apart from funding from NAC, and CRS the project is working in partnership with Lighthouse, FIDP, ADRA, UNC, Heifer and other District Stakeholders.