1.0 Executive Summary

This report will contain key planned activities in the thematic areas where NAPHAM is working and these areas are Prevention Care and Support, Advocacy, Livelihood, Membership Anchor and Capacity Building. Planned activities based on these thematic areas are like adult and child group therapy, outreach, home based care, Income generating activities just to mention afew.This report will also provide information on achievements, successes and challenges.

The above activities are being supported by different projects funded by NAC, DFID, BRIDGE and CRS, but implemented by NAPHAM

2.0 Introduction

Chiradzulu NAPHAM branch is located in the southern region of Malawi and is doing its work in Chiradzulu District. This district has a population of about 900,000 people and a total number of people living with HIV of about 135,000 people. Traditional Authorities in the district are Nchema, Kadewere, Chitera, Mpama, Likoswe, Nkalo and Sub Traditional Authorities are Onga, Sadram,Maoni, and Mpunga. There are 82 group village headmen and average of about 7 villages being headed by one group village headman

There are 60 support groups currently affiliated to Chiradzulu NAPHAM branch.These support groups are almost found in each and every T.A. and Sub T.A. mentioned above.Total membership from these support groups is about 3390 members. Out of these members about 2384 are on ARV Treatment.13 facilities offer ARVs and CD4 count services in the district. There are also 4 mobile clinics in operation. This is possible because of the assistance from Medecins Sans Frontieres(MSF) which is implementing its project on HIV and AIDS in the whole Chiradzulu District.