1.0 Executive Summary

The report highlights the activities undertaken by Balaka NAPHAM for the month of December 2012 in the district. The report highlights notable successes and challenges in the month as stipulated in the IPPT to which this report is attached. During this month most support groups continued with their usual activities such as group therapies, outreach and sensitization activities. No new support group has been registered this month as such the number of support groups registered with Balaka NAPHAM remains at 84.

2.0 Introduction

According to the 2008 Malawi Population Census, Balaka district, located in the southern region of Malawi, has a total population of 316,748 people where 151,637 are males and 165,111 are females. The number of PLHIV is one of the highest in the country as statistics sourced from the Ministry of Health (Balaka DHO) approximate that about 5,000 people contract the HIV virus each year but over 3950 have registered with NAPHAM of which over 78% are females. However the prevalence rate in the district is relatively high as compared to that of the nation. Currently it is pegged at 14.8 as compared to the nation’s 10.4. There are 84 support groups from 76 GVHs that are NAPHAM members in the district. Out of these support groups 20 are funded by NAPHAM (15 on NAC project and 5 on Comic Relief project).

Total Membership

Males <18 Males>18 Females <18 Females >18 Total
119 1138 213 2489 3959

Balaka has a total of 17 health centers of which 17 are static ART clinics with no mobile ART clinic. These clinics serve a population of over 14000 PLHIVs in the district.



Balaka NAPHAM opened its doors in December 2010. The office started with 22 support groups from seven Traditional Authorities. As of now, we are having 70 support groups that have registered in all the 7 Traditional Authorities. In our support groups, we have a total membership of within 15 – 60 people. Currently, we are having 1,882 (496Males and 1386Females) members.

The branch is currently implementing two projects namely, “Improved well-being for PLHIV and reduction of new HIV infections in Malawi” funded by National AIDS Commission and Integrated (HIV effect) Mitigation and Positive Action for Community Transformation (IMPACT) funded by Catholic Relief services

The projects provides several activities which includes: Provision of Supportive counseling, HIV and AIDS education outreach meetings and community advocacy, capacity building through different trainings i.e., Prevention with positives, cooking demonstrations, Village Savings and Loans , Participatory Action and Learning Systems. We have also managed to distribute goats (on pass on basis) and ground nuts, train out of school youths in vocational skills such as carpentry and tailoring. Furthermore , we are providing revolving loans (with 42 support groups reached so far) to our support groups and their lives has greatly improved.

The office is managed by Catherine Chiwowa (District Coordinator) and Mr. Austin Chilunje (Finance and AdministratIve Assistant) with support from seven volunteer Health Promoters based at T/A level

District Coordinator (Catherine Chiwowa), born on 18th November, 1987. Currently, I am holding MSCE, Diploma of Food, Nutrition and Livelihood Security and Bachelor of Social Sciences (Social work) at Catholic University. I have 4 years working experience and I Joined NAPHAM in June, 2013. Trained as a social worker who recognizes an obligation to advocate for the powerless and, oppressed including People Living with HIV and AIDS and I believes in the value of the individual and having a special responsibility to protect and secure civil rights for all oppressed persons and groups to preserve human dignity and self respect.

As a DC, I am responsible in developing and reviewing district plans and programmes, initiate and coordinate of advocacy activities at district, capacity building for support groups, develop and implement resource mobilization and budgeting activities, monitor and evaluate of the implementation of the HIV and AIDS response among support groups and Networking with district and community level institutions and experts involved in the delivery of HIV and AIDS services. Further, supervise all district staff.

Catherine Chiwowa: The District Coordinator for NAPHAM Balaka office

Catherine Chiwowa: The District Coordinator for NAPHAM Balaka office


First name : Austin
Surname : Mwale Chilunje
DOB : 06th July, 1986
District of origin : Salima
Religion : Presbyterian
Education qualification : MSCE, JCE,PSLCE
Professional qualification : Diploma in Financial accounting (PAEC 2009), Certificate infinancial Acccounting (PAEC 2007)
Year joined NAPHAM : 2010, December
Work experience : Five years work experience in finance

As FAA , Mr Chilunje is responsible for all finance and Admnistative issues at district level. These include budgeting, procurement,financial record keeping, safeguarding organisation assets, supervising junior staff, providing support in capacity building to support groups, reporting etc.

Mr. Austin M. Chilunje: The Finance and Administrative Assistant for NAPHAM Balaka office

Mr. Austin M. Chilunje: The Finance and Administrative Assistant for NAPHAM Balaka office